Buying A New Vehicle

Next to buying a new home buying a new car is one of the biggest purchases most people make. You have to locate the right car and get it for the right price. In the competitive markets we have today this is a little more complicated. Dealerships have more complicated pricing systems and sales tactics than in the ‘old days’.

You want to know and understand all about the new car you are considering. Its true market value needs to be known. You need to hone your negotiating skills and look into rebates and buying incentives. You should be armed with a good knowledge of Insurance and financing so you won’t get stuck with any unnecessary ‘extra’ charges.

The Popularity Of SUVs

The lure of the best SUVs lies in the sense of adventure they bring you. They exude a sense of freedom and a way of escaping the hum-drum of everyday life. Getting off the main road brings pictures of fresh air and sunshine to mind. This is very attractive to many people and fits their personalities exactly. That is why SUVs sell so well today. In spite of the high gas prices these sport-utility vehicles are still selling like hot cakes.

The best SUVs address several key issues for buyers. There is the cargo space, the style, and the comfort that draws in so many buyers. Most outdoorsman love the fact they can haul their hunting and fishing gear more easily with these vehicles. They can also tow boats, motorcycles, fold-out campers, or trail bikes with these powerful machines. The biggest factor in choosing the best cars is usually one of personal preference. Nobody wants to buy a car strictly because of money. They want their money to go toward something they enjoy driving. It does need to be for the right price but it also needs to satisfy their personality. It needs to ‘fit’ them.

Many times locating the best cars happens through word of mouth. Your friends and family know you and usually are aware of the kind of cars you like. If you ask around sometimes one of them knows about a car for sale that you would be interested in.

Growing up in a small town where everybody knows everybody has this kind of advantage. Word gets around fast and most people buy from other people rather than buying off the lot. Some of the best cars I personally ever owned growing up were $200 cars bought from friends. Those were the days! You can’t put tires on one for that today.

A good tip for finding the best cars is to take one for a test drive. While on your test drive stop by a friendly mechanic and let them check it out for you. This has been a great source of help to me over the years. You can avoid making huge buying mistakes just from this one tip.

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