GA Car Seat Covers & Supplies

GA car seat covers are generally made of premium New Zealand and Australian GA. The material is luxurious and handcrafted and provide high quality confort. Ideally, the cover should be custom made to fit every contour of your car seats as well as the skirt and side panels. Elastic bands should secure the seat cover to the seat.

The guarantee on custom GA car seat covers is typically 3 years with respect to the precision of the stitching and 2 years on the wear and tear of the material. Bear in mind that standard guarantees do not cover sun fading.

GA covers offer a multitude of advantages:

* They form a cushion support to help relieve arthritic, rheumatic problems, pressure points, and contribute to back pain relief.

* During hot summer days the GA absorbs the moisture off your body and contribute to keep you cooler. During cold winter periods they have the opposite effect by holding your body heat and keeping you warm and dry.

* The material is made up of anti-static fibers, preventing dirt to stick to the cover. Maintenance is easy, with simple vacuuming required to keep it clean.

* GA car seat covers improve the driving experience by reducing stress and enhancing the comfort level, especially during long trips. In addition, the wool pile helps in easing pressure points and distributes the body weight more evenly.

The maintenance of the GA is usually a breeze. First, before you install the cover, you should vigorously shake the material to help restore the soft, fluffy appearance of the wool and remove any fold marks from packaging. This is required because the GA cover was tightly packaged and the wool has flattened. However, the wool fibres are very resilient and will bounce back to their original springy appearance.

A good quality material can easily hand or machine washed. However, it should not be washed in hot water as the pelt of the GA will be damaged. Then, the GA may be tumble dried on the a light heat setting. Again, avoid very warm settings to avoid damage the lambskin. Alternatively, hang the GA outside, in the shade, to dry naturally. Do not expose the material to direct sunlight.

Once washed, the wool will likely turn back to its natural curly state. The fluffy appearance can be restored by brushing the wool while it is wet and again when it is dry. A wire pet brush or comb is recommended for better results. Another alternative, is to have GA seat covers professionally dry-cleaned using either white spirits or perchloroethylene.

If you store GA car seat covers it is recommended to place them in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. In addition, it should not be packaged in plastic material for an extended period of time as the GA fibres will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions.

In summary, GA car seat covers are a great buy as they offer some great benefits. They are known to reduce stress, provide warmth, and massage your back while you drive. They are comfortable in both cold and warm weather periods and are easy to keep clean as they can be machine washed.

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