Maruti is a well-known car brand in India, and there are plenty of accessories for Maruti cars to enhance their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some popular choices:

1. Floor Mats: Protect your vehicle’s interior from dirt, stains, and wear with custom or universal floor mats.
2. Seat Covers: Guard your seats against spills, abrasion, and wear with custom or universal seat covers that come in various materials and colors.
3. Car Covers: Shield your Maruti’s exterior from dust, scratches and weather damage with a custom or universal car cover.
4. Audio Systems: Enhance your music listening experience with an upgraded audio system that can be installed onboard.
5. GPS Navigation Systems: Enhance your driving experience with a GPS navigation system that can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield.
6. Reverse Parking Sensors/Cameras: Enhance visibility and safety when parking with reverse parking sensors or backup cameras.
7. Alloy wheels: Add a stylish touch to your Maruti and improve performance with alloy wheels available in various designs.
8. Sunshades: Keep your vehicle cool and protect its interior from UV rays with sunshades that can be installed on windows or windshield.
9. Spoilers: Complete the look of your Maruti with a sporty spoiler that can be installed on the rear bumper.
10. Bumper Guards: Protect your vehicle’s bodywork from collisions and scratches with bumper guards mounted either front or rearward on either bumper.

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