MG is a well-known car brand that provides customers with various car accessories to enhance the functionality and appearance of their vehicles. Here are some popular choices:

1. Floor Mats: Guard your interior from dirt, stains, and wear and tear with customized or universal floor mats from MG.
2. Seat covers: Keep your seats protected from spills, stains and wear with custom or universal seat covers that come in various materials and colors.
3. Car covers: Shield your vehicle’s exterior from dust, scratches and weather damage with either a custom or universal car cover.
4. Audio Systems: Enhance your music listening experience with an upgraded audio system that can be installed on your MG.
5. GPS Navigation Systems: Elevate your driving experience with a GPS navigation system installed either on the dashboard or windshield.
6. Reverse Parking Sensors/Cameras: Enhance your visibility and safety when parking with reverse parking sensors or a backup camera.
7. Alloy Wheels: Customize the look of your MG while improving performance with alloy wheels in various designs.
8. Roof Racks: Expand your cargo-carrying capacity with a roof rack that can be installed on your Mini Cooper’s roof.
9. Sunshades: Keep your car cool and protect its interior from UV rays with sunshades installed on windows or windshield.
10. Body Kits: Give your MG a sporty look with body kits that can be installed on either the front or rear of the vehicle. These may include spoilers, side skirts and bumper guards to give it that perfect sporty flair!

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