Custom GA Seat Covers & Accessories

Custom GA seat covers are the best you can get! Custom seat covers are manufactured to the specific make, model and year of your car, truck, jeep or SUV. The covers should be secured to your seat using a durable loop design and elastic strapping system. Some manufacturers offer an added touch by finishing the cover with 1″ binding and high grade nickel plated hooks.

Custom GA seat covers are cool in the summer and warm in the winter because the fabric allows air to get between the seat and your back. Because they are custom made, the covers will provide you with the best fit. GA is a material of the highest quality and offers a long seat cover life.

GA covers should be designed to cover the full skirt of seat cushion, full sides of seat back, and over rear of seat back around 8″ to 10″. This will leave the back of the seat open for access to map pockets and will offer the best contoured fit on the seat. If your seats have headrests, the covers will fit underneath them. In addition, if your seats have the side impact airbags built into them or seatbelts integrated into the seats, you should inform the manufacturer of these specifications and they should be able to meet your needs.

Manufacturers have patterns available for most seats, you should contact them to get additional information. They have several styles to choose from including custom full fitted and super-fits. Just provide them with the make and model of your car, truck, jeep or SUV and they will make custom GA seat covers for you that will fit like a glove!

GA seat covers offer unmatched benefits. They are durable, classy and can be easily maintained. Because, the fabric provides warmth and breathability it does create a sensation of comfort that reduces stress, thus enhancing the driving experience.

With respect to installation, two people are ideal to do the work. Normally, the manufacturer should ship the seat covers with an how-to guide and an installation tool. As an alternative, you should consider professional installation, just ask your local dealer or car detailing shop.

As mentioned above, GA is easy to clean. First, you need to remove all the hooks as they may tear the straps off during the washing cycle. Wash the covers only in cold water at the delicate cycle. Here is a neat trick: use one cap of Baby Shampoo (Johnson & Johnson brand recommended) per seat cover. After washing, line dry the covers. Never expose GA under direct sunlight or against any direct heat. Again, you can also have your custom GA seat covers taken care by a professional cleaner.

Budget wise, you should expect prices to be around $250 usd, for a full set of custom GA seat covers, excluding installation.

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