Art leather seat covers are synthetic leather seat covers designed to look and feel like real leather but made from polyurethane and polyester. These can also be referred to as faux leather or synthetic leather seats.
Art leather seat covers are a popular option due to their affordable price point and luxurious look and feel. Furthermore, they’re more durable and easy to maintain than fabric seat covers, making them an ideal option for vehicles that see plenty of use.
Art leather seat covers come in an array of colors and patterns to match the interior of your vehicle. Not only that, but they’re easy to install and can be tailored specifically for the make and model of your car.
When choosing art leather seat covers, one thing to keep in mind is that they may not be as breathable as genuine leather or fabric seat covers. This could cause discomfort during hot weather or long drives, so make sure your choice of seat cover suits both your climate and driving habits.

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