Airbag-friendly seat covers are specifically designed to ensure that airbags will deploy correctly during an accident. Airbags are an essential safety measure in modern vehicles, and any modifications to seats or covers could disrupt their deployment, potentially placing occupants at risk.
Airbag-friendly seat covers are made with materials that are thin and flexible enough for the airbag to deploy correctly, along with cutouts or seams that permit inflation and deployment without any obstruction.
When selecting airbag friendly seat covers for your vehicle, it is essential that they have been designed and tested specifically to work with the airbag system. Installing non-airbag friendly covers could put both you and your passengers at risk; making sure the cover you select is airbag compatible ensures maximum safety for everyone inside of the car.
Airbag-friendly seat covers come in a range of materials, styles and colors so it’s easy to find one that meets your needs and preferences while still protecting the safety of your vehicle.

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