Ultimate Car Accessories To Improve Your Car

Cars are everyone’s favourite and everyone wants to make their car look good. But! Not all people succeed in this. Well!  The thing which makes your car Better is the car accessories.  Let’s have a detailed look on which car accessories work best to improve your car. Let’s get started-

  • Car Care KIT 5 Pcs- Car Care kit by Autoform is the set of car interior polish, car liquid wax polish, multipurpose cloths, car wash shampoo, car glass cleaner etc, in order to improve your car’s look. Comes at an affordable price range of Rs. 1,299 this product works best for your car. This is the must buy product you will ever find in order to make your car look shiny and glossy. This set of 5 kits will help you to clean your car and make your car surface polished and shiny.


  • Car Seat CushionsAutoform has different types of seat cushions available for your car. They have an exclusive collection of  back support/ lumbar support (L1), back support/ lumbar support (L4),back support/ lumbar support (L3), back support/ lumbar support (L7), cushions pillow polyfill, neck pillow polyfill, travel pillow with memory foam, etc. These cushion sets come at a very reasonable price ranging from Rs. 999 to Rs. 1,990. They are known to relieve your back and support your neck and lower back. These cushions are very effective and used in multiple places like home, offices etc.


  • Aux Cable- Another car accessory in this list is the Aux Cable. You can find plenty of Aux Cable in the market but none can match the quality offered by Autoform.  It is made with copper core of high and best quality.  What makes it more unique and best is its unbreakable, tangle free feature. Aux cable is made up of a 3.5 mm jack  and a YePVC covering of 3.8 mm. It gives the facility of 2 way communication and is very easy to plug and play. Grab your Aux Cable at the rate  of Rs. 380 from Autoform.


  • Backseat organizer– Backseat organizer by Autoform is unique from the other brands you will find in the market. It can be used at the time of a long or short journey making it comfortable for you to carry important things that you might need in the journey. The large compartments given ensures to store big/large things like newspapers, maps, water bottles etc. Available in various colours you can buy it in just Rs. 1,349.


  • Steering covers– Available in five different options, steering wheel covers by Autoform are considered to be the best in the market. With an excellent grip, Autoform uses the best material to make it suitable for your car.  One of the best parts of this steering cover is that it gives no foul order and is U.V resistance. You will find a variety of steering covers ranging from Rs. 499 to Rs. 999.


  • Dual Port Car Charger- Another accessory in this list which helps to improve your car is Dual Port Car Charger by Autoform is capable of fast charging. This 3amp dual port charger helps you to keep your mobile phone charged even in long journey. Not only mobile phones but it is capable of charging your camera and tablets. Comes at a price range of Rs. 480  this Dual Port Car Charger is a must have accessory in your car.


Final Words

Above mentioned are the best accessories which can improve your car and when it comes to buying it there is nothing better than Autoform. You should visit their car accessories section.


Thank you