Are You Struggling with Finding Pin Codes of Localities in Your City or State?

No worries – we have you covered! Our comprehensive list of pin codes comes complete with their corresponding localities, city names, and state names for easy reference – whether that means sending mail packages or just finding your way around different areas.

Pin codes play an indispensable part in our everyday lives, allowing packages and mail to reach their respective recipients without delay. However, finding the appropriate pin code for any particular area can be an arduous task in an expansive country such as India; with multiple cities and towns each possessing its own set of pin codes it can easily cause chaos!

To streamline this process, we have developed a comprehensive list of pin codes, localities, city names, and state names in all states and their capital cities. So whether you need the address of a residential neighborhood, commercial hub, or government office quickly and efficiently without spending hours searching multiple websites! No more wasting your time looking for that all-important pin code!


Our list provides pin codes from across India, from metropolises such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai to smaller towns and rural regions. Accuracy of information is crucial, which is why we take great care in updating and verifying our list.

Utilizing our pin code locality guide, you can easily and quickly locate all of the information you require quickly and effortlessly. No matter if you are a student, professional, or business owner – having access to this data will save time and effort in finding what you need – no more returned mail due to incorrect addresses!

So when it’s time to send mail or packages, or even simple greeting cards, make sure you have the appropriate PIN code handy. Our pin code locality guide is an indispensable source of accurate and dependable information at your fingertips.

Keep this in mind when selecting your PIN code: it not only ensures convenience but also ensures your mail and packages arrive on time at their intended destinations. Don’t let incorrect addresses or missing pin codes cause unnecessary delays or frustrations in delivery; use our pin code locality guide and enjoy a stress-free mailing experience!

Our comprehensive list of pin codes, localities, city names, and state names should prove an invaluable resource to you. Save our website as your go-to when searching for pin codes in any Indian city – now there’s no need to waste time hunting around for an accurate pin code; our comprehensive database has you covered!

Pin Code Locality with City Name Pin Code Locality with City Name
Adalaj Gujarat 382421 Maihar Madhya Pradesh 485771
Akot Maharashtra 444101 Malout Punjab 152107
Anandapuram Andhra Pradesh 530052 Malpura Rajasthan 304502
Asind Rajasthan 311301 Mangaon Maharashtra 402104
Auraiya Uttar Pradesh 206122 Manikpur Uttar Pradesh 210208
Bahadurgarh 124507 Marathahalli Post Office
Bakshi Ka Talab Bargadi Magath Uttar Pradesh 226201 Mau Uttar Pradesh 275101
Barhi Jharkhand 825405 Medaram Telangana 506344
Barshi Maharashtra 413401 Miryalaguda Telangana 508207
Barwala Haryana 125121 Mohanlalganj Uttar Pradesh 226301
Becharaji Gujarat 384210 Muradnagar Uttar Pradesh 201206
Bhachau Gujarat 370140 Murbad Maharashtra 421401
Bhadrachalam Telangana 507111 Murthal Haryana 131027
Bhagwanpur Uttarakhand 247661 Nabha Punjab 147201
Bhattian Ludhiana Punjab 141008 Narayanpur Maharashtra 412301
Bijainagar Rajasthan 305624 Narnaul Haryana 123001
Bundi Rajasthan 323001 Nawalgarh Rajasthan 333042
Chalisgaon Maharashtra 424101 Nilanga Maharashtra 413521
Chandauli Uttar Pradesh 232104 Nokha Rajasthan 334803
Chandikhol Odisha 755044 Olpad Gujarat 394540
Channarayapatna Pin Code Padra Gujarat 391440
Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh 471001 Pali Rajasthan 306401
Chidambaram Pincode Pandharpur Maharashtra 413304
Chikodi Karnataka 591201 Pargi Telangana 501501
Chokkahalli Karnataka 562114 Pashan Pune Pin Code
Chomu Rajasthan 303702 Pathankot Punjab 145001
Chotila Gujarat 363520 Pattambi Kerala 679303
Choutuppal Telangana 508252 Peddapuram Andhra Pradesh 533437
Dahegam Gujarat 382305 Periyapalayam Tamil Nadu 601102
Deoband Uttar Pradesh 247554 Phalodi Rajasthan 342301
Devad Panvel Pin Code Phoolpur Uttar Pradesh 212402
Devgadh Baria Gujarat 389380 Pilani Rajasthan 333031
Didwana Rajasthan 341303 Pipodara Gujarat 394110
Dobbaspet Karnataka 562111 Pirangut Maharashtra 412115
Fatehpur Sikri Uttar Pradesh 283110 Pokhran Rajasthan 345021
Gadwal Telangana 509125 Ponnamaravathi Tamil Nadu 622407
Ganaur Haryana 131101 Rajapur Maharashtra 416702
Garh Mukteshwar Uttar Pradesh 245205 Saidpur Uttar Pradesh 233221
Gopalganj Bihar 841428 Samalkha Haryana 132101
Halebeedu Karnataka 573121 Sangameshwar Maharashtra 415611
Hanamkonda Pincode Sangamner Maharashtra 422605
Hansi Haryana 125033 Satana Maharashtra 423301
Hanumangarh Rajasthan 335513 Shahpura Rajasthan 303103
Hastinapur Uttar Pradesh 250404 Shegaon Maharashtra 444203
Hinganghat Maharashtra 442301 Shikrapur Maharashtra 412208
Hornadu Karnataka 577181 Shirpur Maharashtra 425405
Islampur West Bengal 733202 Siddhpur Gujarat 384151
Jangalpur West Bengal 711302 Sira Karnataka 572137
Jejuri Maharashtra 412303 Sirsaganj Uttar Pradesh 283151
Jhalod Gujarat 389170 Sitapur Uttar Pradesh 261001
Joshimath Uttarakhand 246443 Sitarganj Uttarakhand 262405
Kadur Karnataka 577548 Sri Ganganagar Rajasthan 335001
Kanhauli Bihar 801111 Sulibele Karnataka 562129
Kanipakam Andhra Pradesh 517131 Taranagar Rajasthan 331304
Karjat Maharashtra 410201 Tarapith West Bengal 731233
Karmala Maharashtra 413203 Tasgaon Maharashtra 416312
Khalilabad Uttar Pradesh 272175 Thirthahalli Karnataka 577432
Khatima Uttarakhand 262308 Tiruchengode Tamil Nadu 637211
Kollegal Karnataka 571440 Tonk Rajasthan 304001
Kondagattu Telangana 505452 Tuljapur Maharashtra 413601
Konni Kerala 689691 Tupran Telangana 502334
Koregaon Bhima Maharashtra 412216 Ulundurpet Tamil Nadu 606107
Kothur Telangana 509228 Unjha Gujarat 384170
Krishnarajanagara Karnataka 571602 Vandavasi Tamil Nadu 604408
Kunigal Karnataka 572130 Vinukonda Andhra Pradesh 522647
Madhugiri Karnataka 572132 Viramgam Gujarat 382150
Madikeri Karnataka 571201 Wagholi Pune Maharashtra 412207
Mahad Maharashtra 402301 Yeola Maharashtra 423401
Mahoba Uttar Pradesh 210427  

Disclaimer: While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of our pin code locality guide, please keep in mind that pin codes may change over time. It is wise to double-check with either your local post office or use India Post’s official website for up-to-date information.