There are a wide range of Volkswagen Polo car accessories available on the market. Some popular options include:

1. Floor Mats: Protect the interior of your VW Polo from dirt, debris and moisture with floor mats.
2. Seat Covers: Keep your Volkswagen Polo seats looking like new with seat covers tailored specifically for it.
3. Car Covers: Shield your Polo from elements with a high-quality car cover that fits perfectly.
4. Roof Racks: Expand your storage options with a roof rack for bikes, skis or other gear.
5. Alloy Wheels: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Volkswagen Polo by upgrading to stylish alloy wheels custom-fitted to your vehicle’s specifications.
6. Dash cam: Give yourself peace of mind on the road with a dash cam that records video evidence of any accidents.
7. Bluetooth adapter: Add Bluetooth functionality to your Volkswagen Polo’s stereo system with this adapter so you can stream music and make hands-free calls hands free.
8. Wind Deflectors: Reduce wind noise and improve ventilation with these wind deflectors that can be attached to your Volkswagen Polo’s windows.
9. Car Phone Holder: Keep your phone within easy reach while driving with this handy car phone holder that mounts onto the dashboard of a Volkswagen Polo.
10. Performance Enhancements: Maximize your Volkswagen Polo’s speed, handling and overall performance with performance upgrades such as suspension kits, exhaust systems and air intakes.

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