Toyota Altis is a well-known sedan model and it offers various accessories to enhance both its style and functionality. Here are some popular Toyota Altis car accessories:

1. Body Kits: Toyota Altis body kits are designed to give the exterior of the car a sportier appearance.
2. TRD Front Grille: This accessory gives the front of your vehicle an aggressive look and comes in various finishes.
3. Rear Spoiler: Rear spoilers can improve a car’s aerodynamics and give it an aggressive appearance.
4. LED Lights: Installing LED lights inside and outside your vehicle gives it a modern appearance as well as improved visibility.
5. Leather Seat Covers: Leather seat covers can add a luxurious touch to the car’s interior and enhance comfort levels.
6. Sunroof: Sunroofs improve ventilation in the vehicle as well as give passengers an elevated view of their environment.
7. In-Car Entertainment System: For added comfort and convenience, an in-car entertainment system can include a touchscreen display, GPS navigation and premium sound system.
8. Dash Camera: Installed on the dashboard of your vehicle, dash cameras record surroundings and provide evidence in case of accidents.
9. Alloy Wheels: Alloy wheels can improve the car’s performance and give it a sleeker appearance.
10. Parking Sensors: Parking sensors make parking easier and safer by alerting drivers to obstacles in their path.
These are just a few of the many Toyota Altis car accessories available. Your availability may differ based on which year and trim level of Altis model you own.

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