The Tata Nexon is a popular compact SUV that offers an enjoyable driving experience with plenty of features. If you want to customize the look and functionality of your vehicle, here are some popular Tata Nexon car accessories you may consider:

1. Floor Mats: Protect the flooring of your car with a set of floor mats to keep it looking new longer. You have several options for mats – rubber mats, carpeted mats or all-weather options – depending on what suits your preference.
2. Seat Covers: Quality seat covers can protect your car seats from daily use and make them more comfortable. Choose from materials like leather, fabric or neoprene for the best protection possible.
3. Car Covers: Protecting your car from dust, dirt and other elements is a wise investment. You can choose between outdoor or indoor covers depending on where you park it.
4. Navigation System: For frequent travelers, a navigation system on your Tata Nexon can be an invaluable asset. It helps you quickly and conveniently get where you need to go.
5. Entertainment System: Entertainment for you and your passengers on long drives can be achieved with an entertainment system, including DVD players, LCD screens or sound system.
6. Alloy Wheels: Upgrading to alloy wheels will not only add visual appeal to your Tata Nexon but also improve its performance.
7. Roof Rails: For carrying luggage or sports equipment on top of your Tata Nexon, roof rails can be an invaluable addition. Not only do they provide a secure base for items on top, but they provide additional stability as well.
8. Parking Sensors: Parking sensors can help you park safely and avoid collisions. They detect obstacles and issue audio or visual warnings.
9. Sunroof: Add some style and comfort to your Tata Nexon by installing a sunroof that brings fresh air and sunlight into the cabin.
10. Rear Spoiler: For a sportier look and improved aerodynamics in your Tata Nexon, add a rear spoiler.
These are just some of the available Tata Nexon car accessories you have at your disposal; pick ones that best suit your needs and budget.

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