The Hyundai Verna is a popular mid-size sedan that offers plenty of features and accessories to choose from. Here are some common ones for the Verna:

1. Floor Mats: Keep your car’s interior neat and protected with floor mats. Choose from various types of mats such as rubber, carpet, or all-weather options for optimal protection.
2. Seat Covers: Seat covers provide protection for your car seats from spills, stains and wear-and-tear while adding a personalized touch to its interior design. Not only that, but they can also protect them from spills, odors and weather damage.
3. Car Cover: When parking your Verna outside, a car cover can protect it from weather elements and help prevent theft and vandalism.
4. Navigation System: With an aftermarket navigation system, you won’t have to rely solely on your smartphone to find your way there – providing additional assurance that the device is functioning properly.
5. Bluetooth Car Kit: Add hands-free calling and music streaming capabilities to your Verna with a Bluetooth car kit.
6. Parking Sensors: Parking sensors can help avoid fender-benders by alerting you to obstacles behind you while backing up.
7. Rearview Camera: Rearview cameras allow you to see what’s behind you when backing up, making it simpler to park and maneuver in tight spots.
8. Alloy Wheels: Upgrading to alloy wheels not only adds aesthetic value to your Verna but also improves performance and handling.
9. Chrome Trims: Add a touch of sophistication to your Verna’s exterior with chrome trims installed on door handles, side mirrors and other parts.
10. Sunroof: Incorporating a sunroof into your Verna will provide extra ventilation and natural light during drives – making for more enjoyable journeys!

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